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Getting read for baby - what to pack in your hospital bag for the big day

by Josh Moore of

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Preparing for your bundle of joy to arrive is an exciting time. You have likely heard stories about how quickly a baby can come, and you want to be prepared. Packing a hospital bag is one way to ensure you are ready when the big day arrives. Below is a list of items that should be included in your hospital bag so you can be organized and comfortable during labor and delivery.

Shampoo and Bar Soap

During labor, it's important to feel as comfortable as possible, and having clean hair, body, and face can certainly contribute to that. Ensuring that you have access to clean water, shampoo, and bar soap can help you freshen up before or after the baby arrives. Packing these essentials in your hospital bag ensures that they will be readily available when you need them, helping you feel clean and refreshed during this intense and exciting time.

Nipple Cream

Breastfeeding can be an incredible bonding experience between you and your baby, but it can also be quite painful if you don't take proper care of your nipples. That's where nipple cream comes in – it's essential for keeping your nipples moisturized and protected from cracking, bleeding, and soreness that can occur from frequent feedings. Make sure to pack nipple cream in your hospital bag so that it's readily available when you need it.

Things Keep You Entertained During Labor

Preparing for labor can be exhausting, especially because it can take hours or even days to fully progress. A great way to mentally prepare yourself for the wait is to pack some entertainment in your hospital bag. Bringing books, magazines, crosswords, or puzzles will keep you occupied and your mind off the stress of the situation. If you prefer electronic devices, don’t forget to bring extra batteries to ensure they don’t run out of juice when you need them the most.

Phone Chargers

Keeping your family and friends updated during labor is an exciting and essential element of childbirth. However, it can also drain your phone's battery. Therefore, it's essential to bring your phone charger and any necessary cables with you to the hospital to ensure that you can stay connected throughout the process. This will help you to remain in touch with loved ones and receive support when it's most needed.


Maintaining good hygiene during labor and delivery is crucial not only for the comfort and well-being of the mother but also for the safety of the baby. To ensure a refreshing and clean feeling, it is important to pack essential items such as toothbrushes and toothpaste in your hospital bag. In addition, facial wipes or other wet wipes can be a great alternative to a shower, allowing you to maintain good hygiene without having to leave the comfort of your bed.

Hand Sanitizer

Doctors' visits involve a lot of people in one room, which increases the likelihood of germ transmission. To stay protected, it's essential to use hand sanitizer, which can mitigate the spread of germs through person-to-person contact in hospitals. It's a good idea to pack your hand sanitizer before leaving home as some hospitals may not provide them unless explicitly requested by staff members.

Keeping Bags Orderly

It is important to keep all bags organized when arriving at the hospital. Labeling tape or clear labels can be used to identify the contents of each bag. This helps to save time and avoid confusion, as everyone can easily locate the items they need without having to search through every bag.

Preparing Your Home

Finally, it is just as important to prepare your home for the imminent arrival as well. To welcome new life into your home, make sure that you clear it of negative energies. This can be done by decluttering to make room for the baby, doing a deep clean to ensure the home is healthy, and even burning sage or incense as a cleansing ritual.

We understand that giving birth is no easy task, but we hope that having a list of necessary items will assist in making your hospital experience as smooth as possible. By having a pre-packed bag on hand, you can minimize stress levels when the big moment arrives, allowing you to fully focus on the incredible experience of bringing your little one into the world. With a little preparation, you can make those first amazing moments with your newborn all the more memorable.

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