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This blog is a constructive way to voice my observations, concerns and opinions on health care and other social-justice issues. For me this is way to achieve positive changes instead of becoming overly cynical and apathetic, which is not uncommon amongst health-care workers faced with apparently immutable systems.  I have always been an advocate for positive change and this web page is “a work in progress.”

I felt it was important to reflect the life experiences which shaped me into who I am today. Drafting these chapters has focused and strengthened my resolve to challenge the system with an aim to holding decisions makers accountable and to achieve better health and social outcomes. 

Being an advocate for “what is in the best interest of patients or the public” has been a part of the fabric of my life from early on starting in high school and continuing to present.


What follows are "screen shots" of my life. Other than my parents I have generally not named others who have been influential in my life and, perhaps, I will write a more detailed autobiography in the future.

Thank you for joining me on this journey.


Photographs from a huge park linked to The Temple of Heaven site in Beijing - 2018

Peace and tranquility in the middle of a huge dense metropolis.

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