And Then There is Art

I have always loved art whether it be visual or performance. I think I got this from my mother who was quite artistic. For visual art I like pencil, ink and charcoal. Below are examples of the art themes I have explored. You may see some of them show up as blog images. I am also involved in community theatre and film work.


Some charcoal examples



Every year HSC holds a "Bug Day" which is a full day symposium on infection control. One year I was asked to direct and produce a fun film for the event. I created a "Twilight Zone" short film  called "The Bug Zone with HSC staff as cast and crew.


We shot the video  in one evening and it was a blast. Circa 2014

Mixed media Scene (Sheik scene) performed by Shoestring Theatre's production of Caryl Churchill's "After Dinner Joke". Part of Winnipeg's Churchill Fest January 2010

This is a scene from Dürrenmatt's the Physicist. We turned it into a dream sequence. The play is a black comedy that probes the anxieties, guilt and sanity of three physicists who live in a mental asylum during the post atom-bomb era known as the "cold war". Are scientists responsible when their discoveries are used against humanity? Durrenmatt provides humorous and poignant insight into this undying moral question. Directed by Sandor Demeter - 2011



Patron at the reception desk of the Wynyard Hotel - see "Eddy Stop Drinking" entry for more, circa 1970's

High School classmate stopping by to say high  at the reception desk of the Wynyard Hotel - circa 1970's

Patron and sales person - pawn shop- Saskatoon, SK circa 1970s

Hot summer day - "I'm bushed", Montreal 2018

Seagull - "You looking at me?" NFLD  -2017

"Daisy" Prince George BC 1997

"Tashie" Prince George BC 1997

"Mynxy" was always on high alert Prince George BC 1997

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