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Death and Taxes

As the idiom goes there are only two things in life that are certain: death and taxes.

To this end I highly recommend André Picard's new book Neglected No More (CBC review).

I found it to be a sobering exposé on the realities we will all face as we age. Most of our life we are in a delusion of immortality until we, or those close to us, are faced with a crisis. This is not a bad coping mechanism, until reality sets in.

The COVID pandemic has exposed the ugly underbelly of how messed up our senior health care system is. As much Canadians pride themselves about their health care system we seem to have forgotten about those who are in their twilight years.

We need to be ready for the "gray tsunami" and this book will hopefully inspire Canadians to lobby decision makers to help shape all facets of senior care policy, including: resources which support aging at home, better staffing ratios in care homes of all types, and dying with care, comfort and dignity.

For all health care providers, including family and friend caregivers, this book is a must read!

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