• Dr. Sandor Demeter

COVID prevention measures expose poor public policy choices

Patrick Mahon: Messengers' Series: Satellite II (2018-19)

The following links are to a reputable (Royal Society of Canada) article on how Public Health COVID preventive measures can disproportionately harm those who can not afford to: "not work and stay at home", "work from home", or "watch Netflix".

An excerpt from the executive summary:

COVID-19 has shown us how the unintended creation of the precariat [i.e. people whose employment and income are insecure] , through decades-long pursuit of lower labour costs, has created a large pool of individuals who simply cannot afford to follow policies that are essential for the good of society. COVID-19 has exposed the reality that our society and economy are two sides of the same coin.”

web page

executive summary

full article

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